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The announcement drew a slew of bidders, confident they could do a better job than Ford had. Among those eyeing the two British brands was none other than former Ford CEO Jacques Nasser, but by late , Ford made it clear that it had all but settled on Tata as the buyer of choice.

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Services depart hourly, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 57 min. Get driving directions.

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Yes, the driving distance between Tata to Budapest East Station is 74 km. It takes approximately 50 min to drive from Tata to Budapest East Station.

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What is the fastest way to get from Tata to Budapest East Station?

We talked more and more, and she suggested we just watch it for 3 months or so and revisit after the 1 st of the year. Something inside told me NO keep pressing.

She said ok, I can do a biopsy. I asked how long that took to schedule she told me we will do right now. As she and the nurse left the room, I asked my sister will that hurt as she too has had a biopsy as well.

She assured me that it would be fine and nothing too crazy. Well boy! Was she wrong! I was like a fish out of water on that table as they cut my breast open to collect the tissue to be sent off to pathologist.

That was a Monday afternoon, and that Friday November 9 th , would change my life forever. I got the call late Friday afternoon on my way home from work.

She proceeded to tell me that indeed that was a small spot of breast cancer. Remember small. I asked her what the next step was, and she said meet with the plastic surgeon about surgery and they would get everything lined up for me.

Before we hung up so told me she was sorry and that breast cancer survivors have a high survival rate and that I would be just fine.

She also apologized for wanting to watch it and praised me for being my own advocate on pushing her to find out.

What do you do when you hear, you have cancer? A million things ran into my head as I continued to drive home.

It was like I was numb to the news. I called my husband as I was on my way to pick my kids up from school.

I was relatively healthy. He assured me we would do whatever needed to be done to get me through this and told me he loved me.

We hung up so he could meet me at home. Upon arriving at home, I just fell into his arms and asked why me? We cannot ask why, I now know that but to be mad and sad were both understatements.

I made the dreadful calls to my other family members and just thought wow I have cancer. I can remember telling my husband and my sister I am not ready to die.

I was not ready to let my husband do this along. He needed me just as much as I needed him. But telling your kids, wow that was tough.

At the time I had a 5- and year sons. Our world was about to be rocked. I remember my oldest crying not really understanding what cancer was, how was this going to affect him.

My little one just cried because everyone else was crying, he had no idea what was going on. But I was very open with them both whether they knew what was going on or not they were going to know what was going on every step of the way and could ask me anything they wanted to.

A double mastectomy was recommended right away with reconstructive surgery per the plastic surgeon and breast surgeon.

They both thought it was best to do both breast at same time and have peace of mind that this would not travel elsewhere with removing both.

I was not told that chemo or radiation was needed, it was surgery and you should be good to go. It was a small spot of cancer remember?

I met my Oncologist for the first time 2 days before my big surgery, she suggested that I try this trial for months to see if the tumor shrinks.

I was already mentally prepared to have two body parts removed from my body, I did not want to back track. December 13 th , , I underwent a bilateral mastectomy.

I had 14 lymph nodes removed and 10 of them were diseased. I came out with 4 JP drains that were attached to my sides.

Sleeping was a pain and walking made you drain blood more so staying laid up was the best for the drains. The goal was to get those suckers out.

I was able to get them out in less than 4 weeks. Needless to say, the next real shower was amazing, no more drains and no more sponge baths!

Then the fun started January 29 th was my 1 st chemo treatment. I would end up having 6 treatments that would last over 18 weeks.

It was quite aggressive and that 1 st treatment not sure I have ever been so sick. My hair follicles hurt so bad, as it started to come out by the handfuls.

I was done with it, I wanted my head shaved so bad. I was blessed enough to have my dad buy me the best wig possible for all to carry on like I was still me.

Looking back now that saved my sanity more than anyone will ever know. I was still just mom to them. April 23 rd , was the last chemo treatment for me.

As the treatments continued the more and more tired, I was. Going and doing normal things were tougher for me. My husband made sure that I would get out and go places, it was so easy to just want to lay around my body was beat down.

As chemo ended, I was ready to continue to the next step. Although my doctors gave me a break, I was ready for radiation.

I wanted to continue and not miss a beat. Radiation would be 25 treatments every single day for 5 weeks. Treatments consisted of the breathing technique, hold your breath so radiation could penetrate right to the cancerous area and not affect your lungs or heart.

Some days were great some harder. The more treatment I received the more tired I would get. By the end of the 5 weeks I was subconscious laying on that table trying to stay awake.

The team there was awesome and blessed yet again to have them caring for me. June 27 th , was the last radiation.

It was bittersweet for me. I knew I needed that treatment but was so ready to have that time every day back. They gave me a certificate of completion and a small guardian angel pin and I just sat in my car and cried knowing that I was done.

I was so proud of myself for getting through chemo and radiation and knew that I was going to win once again!

July 27 th , we celebrated with a huge party for Tata to Cancer! I was finished with all my treatments and now I get to let my hair down and be surrounded by the people who supported me and helped make this journey as easy as possible.

I was showered with warm hugs of you did it and we are so proud of you. Little did every one of those people know they had a piece in it all just as much as the next to make me feel beautiful and loved.

I am not even a year out and I have had 4 surgeries and one to go. The last one is the good one though, I am gaining something back from cancer.

It may have taken my God given breasts, but God will put me in the hands of the best plastic surgeon to give me something back and make me feel like a woman again.

To be honest I cannot even hardly remember what I looked like without my breasts. I would remove them 10 out 10 times if that mean one more day on this earth with the people that I love.

I have remained as positive as I possibly can. The power of prayer is real and felt so many days when I was falling into those ugly thoughts and rabbit hole of dark moments.

Until you are afflicted with cancer you will never understand what it does to your mind, body and soul.

I make sure to pray for people when they might need it, I make sure that I laugh a little harder and cry often, and I always make sure the people I love, know that I love them and mean it.

Going through the motions for me is never an answer. I am forever grateful to all my doctors who helped me get through this and still care for me today.

They all had their hand on helping me win. I was blessed to have people come clean my home, take care of my kids, cook us dinner.

The calls, the text messages, the emails and cards all carried a piece of my healing and helped keep my spirits up.

They made this journey easier and as fun as possible. I have always felt special to him. To him I am no different I am just the girl he married 16 years ago.

I want to be able to be ray of hope to the next woman in need. Press the doctors for more answers. We are taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to share a recap of our recent event in Nashville which Laura and I hosted with Making Strides Against Cancer.

What happens when individuals who care about making a difference in the fight against breast cancer get together on a Saturday morning?

You have the Breast Brunch Ever! You enjoy unbelievable food, crafty morning cocktails, lots of laughs and maybe even a few tears.

And overall you join a community; a community of survivors, thrivers and advocates for the cause. It was an honor to be able to host an event to raise awareness and bring together a community of amazing women who are banding together to fight breast cancer.

The goal of the day was not only to build community and raise funds for the American Cancer Society, it was to share knowledge and experiences which make us stronger together.

This event was birthed by our beloved Making Strides walk chairs Debbie Thomas and Mallory Martin when they reached out to Laura and I to host an event for young breast cancer survivors.

That is when planning this brunch became a labor of love. We were even lucky enough to have local businesses donate to the cause and support our idea to build our special PimpinJoy bag courtesy of The Shop Forward of goodies and a few fun giveaways.

We cannot thank all of the donors enough as the event would not have been the same without these items to remember it by. And we cannot forget one of our main events, Austin from Winkie Lux, who made so many women feel beautiful as they had a makeup application or went home with some fun new products.

A special thanks to all of our sponsors and donors who are listed below. Jacob Unger, Dr. Unger and Dr.

Doss donated their time and their knowledge to this event and openly shared advice and information which will help us individually and to help others.

A fellow survivor said it best today when she told me it was great to have a conversation with a Doctor with clothes on rather than sitting naked in a gown…maybe there is something to be said for this approach!

Jarrah shared with us how important it is to care for yourself during and after treatment by giving us some highlights of how she coaches women to health through her company Wellness Warrior.

And Amanda…this woman is a rock star! All of our speakers taught us something new and gave us a different perspective on this disease which we all want to beat.

While I cannot come close to describing how this event made us feel, we can merely say Thank You and hope that you know how we will cherish your presence and support of this cause which is so near and dear to our hearts.

Finally, a special thanks to our friends, family and the ACS volunteers who helped us make this happen! TATA to Cancer shirts are available at theshopforward.

I started this crazy cancer journey in One morning while showering I did my self-exam yes they are important and you should do them and noticed a lump.

I called for my husband to come up and feel it and he said I am sure it is nothing. The next day it was still there, not sure where I thought it was going to go.

As soon as I felt the lump I knew it was cancer but I never said it out loud. I waited patiently until the following week and my husband and I went in to see her.

My husband spoke up and asked her to order a mammogram to be sure and ease our minds, she reluctantly said yes.

Well when I get to the checkout she has ordered a mammo and an ultrasound for two days later, I was thrilled.

I went to have the tests and before I even left they consulted the doctor and scheduled me for a biopsy. I was told I would be having a stereotactic biopsy and an ultrasound guided biopsy, ok I can do this two different types, this is good right.

So the day comes for my biopsies and this is the day my world is flipped upside down. We walk in and the nurse tells us that they blocked out the entire afternoon to do the biopsies because it is so involved.

This news from him was like a ton of bricks hitting my husband and me. All I could think about was my 5-year-old son and what we were going to do.

So we go about the day have the biopsies and the nurse tells us she will call us at 3pm on Friday. I have to tell you the next hour was a complete whirlwind.

She scheduled my appointment with the breast surgeon for first thing Monday morning. Oh and by the way this official diagnosis was the day before my wedding anniversary.

My husband and I decided to put it all behind us and just have a great weekend without thinking about the diagnosis….

Monday rolls around and it starts the whirlwind of doctors and information. That week I had an appointment with my breast surgeon, plastic surgeon and oncologist, and was scheduled to have a port inserted and the genetic testing done.

My breast surgeon was amazing. The first thing she did was give me her cell phone number and told me to call her if I needed anything this is important for a later situation.

After my first appointment with the breast surgeon I called our local cancer services organization and got all the info I could from them but also I needed to know how to explain all of this to my son.

So we got books and talked to him and told him exactly what was going on. I should tell you my son is a very emotional kiddo. So we explained it all and read a book and then we went about telling his teacher so if he started talking about it she would know.

He handled everything like a champ. He was most worried about me losing my hair, he loved to play with my hair especially when he was tired so I knew that was going to be a hard spot for him.

I think that statement was what got me through the whole process. I was diagnosed on March 18 th and had my first chemo on March 31 st so needless to say it was a whirlwind 2 weeks.

I was put on taxotere, carboplatin and Herceptin every three weeks. I had 6 full rounds of chemo and then finished the year of Herceptin.

So I had chemo, last one was in July, I had talked my breast surgeon into doing my surgery in August because my blood numbers had been good all through the chemo.

I get to my car and call my breast surgeon, surprisingly she answers. Again I am freaked out but I can handle this. So I meet with the new doctor and he is amazing.

We go to the hospital Tuesday amped up and ready to get this part over with, I am a pretty type A person so this whole process has been hard for me to not be able to control.

After the surgery we got word that my margins came back clear and so did my lymph nodes. This might have been the best news I ever heard.

I told myself I was only going to be off work for two weeks…and I was. I went back to work after 9 work days, still had 3 tentacles drains.

I think my doctors gave up telling me what to do, I showered after three days with my drains and all. I drove after a week.

I was not going to let this dictate my life any more than it had. Yes, maybe I should have listened to the doctors, but it ended up okay.

I healed well, started with the expanders or as I called them the fluff and fills every week. I was such a planner that in October I told my doctor when I wanted to do the exchange surgery and we got to an agreement.

I had my exchange surgery on Dec. Maybe not a great idea to do a few days before Christmas but I wanted it done before the New Year. Port inserted, chemo done, mastectomy done, exchange surgery and port removal done all in 14 months.

I was so thrilled to have all this stuff done and behind me…. I started my new relationships with Tamoxifen as well during this time.

Well in September of I noticed my collarbone was a little swollen and I felt a bump. So I called my oncologists office and at first they thought it might have been because I was just getting over a cold and to just watch it.

I got a call a couple days later from the nurse that they wanted me to come in. So of course here my husband and I go into the doctors office.

I saw the nurse practitioner and she wanted me to see the doctor. So here we go again…it was time to get scheduled for tests, etc.

I had spots in my liver, lungs and lymph nodes through my chest and collarbone. It was a shock! I never thought I would be diagnosed again let along Stage 4.

I will be honest I thought Stage 4 was a death sentence. I thought it meant the end was near, etc. I was so scared.

I started the journey again and in September of I started with taxol weekly and Herceptin and perjeta every three weeks.

I recently completed 48 weeks of taxol and 16 rounds of Herceptin and perjeta. I am getting ready to have my ovaries removed even though I was BRCA negative they want to remove them to put me into menopause and make sure I stop producing hormones….

I am blessed to be able to be here and share my story. Love you all and thanks for reading! My name is Jill. My journey started 3 years ago at the age of I discovered something was different with my breast before getting the shower one day.

I knew immediately something bad was wrong. March of I was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma. Like many of you, I have no family history of breast cancer.

By the way, my father is still thriving now 13 years later from his diagnosis. My life had been turned upside down. We have a beautiful daughter Olivia, who will be turning 7 years old next month.

So, there I was, 34 years old, with a 3-year-old child, a husband and best friend, whom I did not want to leave. All I thought of was that I was going to die and leave them alone.

I know what it feels like to not have your mom around. Unfortunately, this is where my mindset was. I cried all day and all night, every minute of every day.

I prayed and I prayed all day and all night, every minute of every day. I considered myself the rock of our family. And now what? Who was going to take care of the bills?

Who was going to grocery shop and keep the house clean? Who was going to get Olivia to school and to her events? We take care of everything.

And now I was so worried I was going to die and leave my child and who was going to take care of everything? I had to get a grip on myself.

I reached out to my team at MDA and scheduled an appointment with a psychologist. Immediately after I made that phone call, I felt relief.

A huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. As I mentioned before, I lost my loving mother, my best friend, when I was 25 years old.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, after meeting with the psychologist and getting some medication to help me cope, I was doing much better.

I think if anyone is put in an unfortunate situation, they are going to seek a will to live like no other.

I just am who I am. So, when I had to leave her for my first surgery, it was extremely hard on her, and I was only gone a couple of nights.

I chose to have a bilateral mastectomy. He gave me all the options, but in the end, he said it was my choice as to what I wanted to do, that it was my body.

My reasoning for choosing the double mastectomy was because I had previously had issues with my right breast in the past, having a fibroadenoma.

As you can imagine, my curious 3-year-old had lots of questions when I returned home from surgery. It hurt both of us emotionally.

In my opinion she is a child, an innocent child and I never want to burden her with fear or worry if I can avoid it. Therefore, Olivia saw everything.

Of course, Trey and I were cautious to not scare her with any bloody or gross dressings, but she saw my scars and drain tubes. I tried my very best to not make this a bad experience for her and to teach her that the doctors were helping me.

It turns out my pathology results and my Syntel-node biopsy showed that my cancer had spread into my lymph nodes. This was a devastating hit again.

Thank goodness for modern medicine and science. This news obviously changed the course of action and I was referred to an oncologist and a radiologist.

So many appointments and still so overwhelming. Prior to visiting my oncologist, I had already decided that I would be open to whatever treatment plan he had in store for me.

We had a chuckle about that. I suppose more people are hesitant about chemotherapy and the drugs involved. I had about weeks from my mastectomy surgery to heal and think about or act towards preserving my eggs for future children.

My sweet loving husband left it up to me as to what I wanted to do. He said it was my body.

Therefore, I chose to forgo the egg retrieval process. One thing I have learned most from this journey, is that I am not in control.

And if God wanted me to have more children, then he will bless us. I began my chemotherapy treatments in June of She asked me all the time when my hair was going to grow back.

She cried and begged. I hated it for her. I told her it would, but that it would take time. Try explaining that to an almost 4-year-old princess.

I worked through my entire chemotherapy treatments. During the first 8 weeks of the red devil, I would have my treatment on a Thursday and would be off from work until the following Wednesday or Thursday.

Then the cycle would repeat itself and I would go back for treatment the next week. My oncology nurse and doctor were amazing and helped me with the nausea and other side effects.

Reminder, I have a 2-hour drive to Houston, and it would start. I think I might be getting nauseous just thinking about this.

Just kidding, kind of. For me, paclitaxel was a breeze. All of those symptoms have subsided, and my nails are just as before. I got to take a break and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday and began my radiation treatments in December.

Those treatments were every day, for 6 straight weeks. And yes, I drove, or a friend or family member drove me, every day to Houston.

Our trip there would take longer than the treatment itself. I must say, I was really scared of radiation. I remember when I was told that I was going to have radiation, I was very upset.

All I had heard or read was about bad cases of radiation. To my surprise it was a breeze. Blessings to my workplace and my co-workers because they allowed me to take off for 6 weeks straight to have those treatments.

Not until a couple of weeks after I was done with radiation did, I realize, how much more energy I had.

After my chemotherapy treatments and radiation, I had to continue to receive Herceptin through my port every three weeks for a full year.

Although my cancer was HER2 negative, it was borderline negative, my doctors wanted to treat me aggressively and I was on board and trusted their expertise.

I chose to have those treatments done at a local cancer treatment facility. I was also put on a medication called tamoxifen, which I will continue to take for 10 years.

The one-year mark for Herceptin came around in August and by September I was getting my port removed. I then scheduled my second reconstruction surgery with my plastic surgeon from MDA.

My only option since I had undergone radiation was to do the Diep-flap procedure. Basically, my doctor used my belly fat and skin to create my new breast.

Yes, you read that right, they can do that. My husband stayed with me the whole time. We were so ready to get out of there and get home by the end of that week.

Olivia was 5 years old by this time, so she became a good helper too. In October of I had my last reconstructive surgery.

You know plastic surgeons they are perfectionist. This surgery consisted of some liposuction and fat grafting.

I went home the same day of surgery. So here we are, September I turned 38 years old just a few days ago on the 1st. These last three years have seemed like a lifetime ago.

This has been one of the toughest seasons of my life. It has also been the most humbling experience. My favorite thing about this journey is that my relationship with God has grown more than I ever dreamed of.

I thank God for my blessings daily. I thank Him for all the hardships and problems that I endured that are now my testimonies.

I would like to think that when the time comes, because it will, when Olivia experiences heartbreak or sadness, that I can provide her with some comforting insight and perspective.

When all the world is caught up in negativity, I received nothing but positive experiences and praises from people.

My hometown community and workplace held numerous fundraisers to help with expenses. All the little things I was so worried about in the beginning of this journey, seemed to work themselves out.

I hope that my journey and experience will be eye opening to others. Cancer does not discriminate.

Disease of any kind does not discriminate. You are not invincible. You must be your own advocate. And as mothers, wives, sisters, daughters; we must take care of ourselves so that we can then take care of others.

Put yourself first for once and make yourself an appointment. Have hope, as I can testify, in the end everything will be alright.

Hello everyone! I tested positive, my sister tested negative. I was 25 at the time. I did one consult for a prophylactic mastectomy at that time but the surgeon suggested waiting until 30 and reconsidering.

I was very good with my monitoring. Despite knowing my risk I still really never felt it could happen to me. That quickly changed in March of !

I was overdue for my annual MRI come March By time life seemed to get back to normal it was already March and I knew I needed to be seen.

That night was very rough. I cried a lot. I have never felt anxiety like I did that morning waiting for the dr to come in. It seemed like I waited forever.

I was so so happy. I had been known to be a little dramatic in the past so they kinda just thought I was being my typical dramatic self.

It was frustrating to me that I felt no one was truly listening my concerns. So, fast forward to waking up from my double mastectomy…ALL of my lymph nodes on my cancer side had been removed.

I had expanders placed at this time as well. I was surprised how quickly I was able to physically recover from the surgery.

The drains were definitely the worst part! Talk about turn of events! My treatment plan: 20 rounds of chemo -4 AC then 16 taxol with carboplatin every 3rd infusion.

Before my second infusion I started to lose my hair so we decided to have a head shaving party.

Then my husband shaved mine last. We did it live on Facebook and ended up with over 3k views. I hope I was able to somehow inspire other women, or just even one woman would be enough to make it all worth it.

I feel like I have learned so much about life in these last few months than I have in my previous 34 years!

I learned a very hard lesson about putting things off when it comes to my health. I encourage any woman who has the gene to explore prophylactic options.

My name is Steffanie, I am a single mom of my totally amazing year-old daughter. We have two English bulldogs named Bruce 8yrs and Elliot 1.

I grew up in East Tennessee in a little town called Seymour. I attended the University of Tennessee where I graduated with a Nursing degree in I then moved to the Nashville area to pursue my career in anesthesia and graduated in from Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia!

In January of , I became the black sheep of the family by being the first person in my family to be diagnosed with cancer. I would do them here and there but not routine.

Rewind to December of while studying for my anesthesia boards, I found a lump on my left upper breast. I followed up with a surgeon, DR.

Lisa White, from where I would be working starting in January. She ordered an ultrasound and it came back as a fibroadenoma, a benign mass.

I chose to have it removed anyways just a few days before I took boards. Crazy right?! But I wanted peace of mind that sucker was out of my body.

All came back clear with the pathology…whew. Fast forward to the fall of …I always would feel around where my scar from the fibroadenoma was just out of habit.

Well I noticed the tissue in that area getting harder. So I kept an eye on it and did examines every week to monitor change.

So, I called Dr. White and said hey I think that fibroadenoma is back, there is a lump about an inch or two away from the last spot, I want it out again.

So, she ordered an ultrasound for December 19 th and then I immediately met with he afterwards.

Mind you I took my daughter, who was 9 at the time, with me. So, we scheduled the surgery but it is January 9th before we could get a spot because anybody who works in the OR knows getting on the schedule at the end of the year is a nightmare, even if you have connections.

I kept all this on the downlow except for my sis in law who happens to be my best friend too. No sense in worrying everyone right! It has changed from a hard, dense lumpy mass into a rock in a matter of a week.

So Monday comes and I have my biopsy. I am glad we had the option to do this in the OR because I wanted the whole thing out!

The great thing about my job is I can handpick who is in my OR room to take care of me. The bad thing is those people actually give a damn about me and when Dr.

White returned back from the path lab in tears and had to tell everyone in there it was cancer, the whole room sunk. She said the margins were clear which meant they got all the tumor out of my body, and it was less than 1cm in size!

But hey, I am tough, healthy, young, I got this! Staying strong for her was the only mission I had during this, if I broke, she broke.

January 19th I am out running errands at Target and get a call from Dr. This was a game changer. The hardest part was telling my kiddo I had to do chemo now.

For the first time I cried. It was just us, how was I going to do this. Luckily, she is a strong little warrior like myself and was up for the battle.

Then on Wednesday February 1, I started chemo with my fabulous oncologist Dr. My besties Brooke and Jen from nursing school took me to my chemos and took such wonderful care of me.

So many friends and family sent meals and gifts for us, it was truly a blessing. To all the random people out their who paid for groceries, ice cream, or meals while eating out, Thank you!

I did chemo every other week for 4 months. By week 3 it was so thin and my scalp hurt so bad I had to shave it.

After hours of procrastinating it. It finally happened. Ahhh what sweet relief. I am not going to lie, it was hard to let go of my hair, it sucked, I cried more over that than the actual cancer diagnosis.

Stupid right, but I did. But once it was off, I was ok with it, I was now in warrior mode. I chose not to wear a wig, they are hot, itchy, and uncomfortable.

Oh, and my daughter hated them lol, she said mom you look better bald, you look like you. So, I wore some toboggans and ball caps out and about and was a bald conehead at home.

But no lashes and no brows was a rough look for me. May 18th was my last round of chemo and the peach fuzz was already starting to sprout on my head.

So glad to be done with the poison that saved my life. My side effects were minimal, I was able to work 3 days a week throughout treatment.

Minus a setback of double pneumonia around week 10 it went as smooth as I could have needed it to go. Typically, chemo is done before surgery with triple negative breast cancer because of its aggressive nature.

It wants to destroy its host as fast and quickly as it can, getting systemic chemo in asap is key. On June 29th I had a double mastectomy with reconstruction.

Lisa white and Dr. Nick Tarola were my surgeons. The surgery took about 7 hours. I did nipple sparing and went straight to implants, bypassing the expander process, so it took a little longer than most of these surgeries.

The weight lifting restrictions were the hardest part. Shortly after my surgery I was able to meet a young patient of mine who was going thru the same thing and getting her port put in.

I gave her my contact info and we stayed in touch, soon thereafter another young woman reached out on facebook to me, she was a friend of a friend.

We all met up one night for dinner and were like instant sisters. Still 2 years later we talk and hang out, we do cancer retreats, fundraisers, and benefits together.

This ugly seed was planted in all 3 of us yet we grew this amazing friendship out of it. So find someone to help you thru this! Reach out to Middle Tennessee Breasties on FB, we are a group of young survivors to help each other out and we meet up as well!

This is a genetic mutation on a certain gene that puts me at a slightly higher risk for other cancers.

Chesney in November of This surgery was a breeze! Man, what technology we have these days. This was a peace of mind not to have to worry about what the organs in my body that are high risk are doing without me being able to detect it until its too late.

Life is good, I feel like my past is a little surreal. Besides the scars, some joint pain, and some chemo brain moments which is equivalent to placenta brain lol I feel the same as before.

Everyday I think about it, how lucky I was, and the alternatives. The mental game during and after this disease is the majority of the battle.

Keep a strong mind and you will battle this more victorious than with a dark mind. This is coming from a glass half empty chick here, I work in medicine, I am a logical, realistic person and know what goes down.

So for me to say keep the darkness out and break the thought process cycle is huge. Cancer wants to destroy you and your life.

Mentality gets you further in life anyhow am I right?! My name is Callie, I have been married to my husband, Scott for 14 years.

My husband has been in the Army for 15 years. We are from the middle Tennessee area, we lived in San Diego when I was diagnosed.

I was scheduled for a mammogram and ultrasound. February 3rd, my husband and I headed to the radiology clinic. I was so scared; I am thankful that my husband was allowed to be with me during the ultrasound.

She reassured me that it was still probably nothing. I Recently read my ultrasound results that read: Highest Probability of malignancy.

The morning of the biopsy, I felt sick. I am so thankful the staff allowed my husband to be in the room for the procedure.

I cried before it even started. The next few days were a blur. Finally on February 17, at pm my husband and I sat waiting for the doctor to come in.

I know my doctor dreaded telling me the news. I immediately started planning. I knew we needed to try to get closer to home.

When we got home we had to tell our daughter. She was 10 years old at the time. The moment I told her, I saw the innocence within her disappear.

Telling our children was the hardest part of this entire journey. During all this testing, my husband was submitting paperwork to have us Compassionately Reassigned to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, one hour from our home town.

While we waited on an answer from the Army, we had to keep moving forward with my treatment. On March 23, I had a lumpectomy on my left breast and eight lymph nodes removed.

The tumor was larger than originally thought, but thankfully my lymph nodes were clear and my amazing surgeon at University of California, San Diego, Dr Sarah Blair was able to get clear margins.

After I healed from my surgery, I met with my oncologist to discuss the next steps: chemo, radiation, and beyond. At this point, we were still waiting on an answer from the Army but knew we were also running out of time.

There were only so many weeks I could wait after surgery to start chemo. Finally, six weeks after surgery and 2. My first treatment was frightening.

Two weeks after my first treatment my hair started falling out by the handfuls. After putting off the inevitable for days I told my husband that I was ready for him to shave my head.

I told my husband not to stop no matter how much I cried. We both cried as my hair fell to the floor, it that moment it became real, I was now a cancer patient.

I am thankful for the medication given with chemo to control the side effects. I was given Neulasta 24 hours after every infusion and it was the worst!

My body hurt so bad and I ran a fever every time. It was worth the pain because it kept my counts up and my chemo infusions on schedule.

After chemo I did 30 rounds of radiation. My skin was blistered and peeling off by the end. My mind and body were ready to be done.

I will continue taking Tamoxifen for the next 8 years. I still battle side effects from my treatment and the hormonal therapy that I continue to take, but it is all worth it.

I have no doubt that a positive attitude got me through some tough days. I am forever grateful for my husband, children, and the Lord for getting me through the tough times.

My husband was by my side at every appointment because of his fellow soldiers and leaders at Fort Campbell that made sure he could be with me.

My story started when I noticed a breast lump in April She sent me for a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound that same day.

When the radiologist came in after the tests I could tell by the look on his face that I should be worried.

While the radiologist did not have any bed-side manner, there was thankfully an ultrasound technician there who comforted me as I proceeded to have a panic attack.

The biopsy was scheduled for May 14th and when my OB called on the 16th to give me the results, I was not surprised when she confirmed it was cancer.

Her next comment was, yes that is good news but I would still recommend a double mastectomy. My boss referred me to an oncologist and I met with her the following week.

My cancer was triple positive; both hormone receptors were positive as well as being Her 2 positive.

After the MRI confirmed the cancer had not spread Praise GOD and was not in my lymph nodes, we decided to do chemo first to shrink the tumor and then a lumpectomy and radiation.

Further testing revealed I do not carry the breast cancer gene. Every prayer I sent up during this first scary month of unknowns was answered.

I prayed for the calcifications to be benign, answered. I prayed for negative lymph node, answered. I prayed to have a better understanding of the triple positive cancer from my oncologist, answered.

I had 6 cycles of chemo that consisted of 4 different IV medications. There were days when I could barely make it up the stairs in my house.

I still thank God for that every day. What a difference that was from the first 6 cycles! The only side effect I had was hot flashes.

My hair started to grow back and I felt so much better. On December 18th I was finally cancer free!! Hearing those words after 7 months of hell was amazing!

I give God all the glory for bringing me through this diagnosis. He answered every prayer I had. I spent one night in the hospital and one week at home before I was back to work and feeling great.

I finished my Herceptin on May 24th and was finally able to ring the chemo bell! With God all things are possible and this past year has proven that over and over again.

God placed so many amazing people in my life to support me on this journey. My husband, family and friends have been by my side and helped me with anything I needed.

They kept me lifted daily and always made sure I was never alone. I thank God every day for this second chance at life and will never take it for granted.

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